Black Wedding Dresses & Gowns: Plus & Petite

Some reviews & real black wedding dresses from our brides

Absolutely PERFECT!!! Made exactly to my specifications, fits like a glove with no alterations needed at all, SO excited to get married in this dress! It arrived within a month from my ordering, which is super fast for a custom made dress. It looks just like the photos, and the sellers were kind and communicated the process as they went along. Thank you so much!!

Rachel C

WOW! Just wow!!! I had a custom black skirt made for my engagement photos and we are now getting asked if we can put the pictures in magazines! I received my multi layer tool skirt and it is of the highest quality. It is so full, luxurious, and well made. Getting this made on Etsy was a steal! This was made in the Ukraine, same place I got my wedding dress made because they have such an eye for fashion and detail. Working with Stylish Bride accessories was amazing- she was so communicative and really understood my vision. I cannot thank you enough! Can I give more stars? You will not go wrong with this vendor!!


Black Wedding Dresses vs White Ones?

Symbolism, tradition, and pride

The White Wedding Dress of Queen Victoria That Changed Wedding Tradition Permanently

Little is known of the prominent act of Queen Victoria, marking a historical point from which the traditional wedding ceremonies frequently depart. Wedding traditions may change over time, yet it seems that one thing always stays constant in the minds of the majority: the bride has to wear a white dress. Coming straight from the Victorian era, white dress first appeared on the public when Queen Victoria chose to wear silk-satin for the wedding, something that shocked the royal family and sparked talks worldwide. When wearing a white dress, a bride will undoubtedly display signs of spiritual virginity, purity, angelic blessing, as well as innocence: it's also the kind of color that is directly associated with all of the positive feelings arising from the weddings. White comes in different shades as well, including the snow-white, neutral grayish white, white beauty and a multitude of others that can be easily found online. Thereby, it's clear why white dress has been able to well-establish itself on the international arena in the wedding world due to its prominence and an enormous significance in the great scheme of things. 

Choosing Between The Two

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