Why is it more expensive to buy closes in an atelier?

Why is it more expensive to buy closes in an atelier? | StylishBrideAccs

Have you ever asked yourself who made your closes? Most fast-fashion brands with factories in developing countries in Asia are underpaying their workers and don’t take care of those working in their production chain. They are infamous for their unsafe work environment and harmful ways of production.

Do not look for cheap closes, because someone somewhere is paying of it. It is cheap to produce closing in less developed countries, also by minors. The working conditions are horrible. No or less than minimum pay. Working with harmful chemicals and machines sometimes more than 18 hours a day. Do you still want to look for a cheaper option on the internet and support the labour exploitation?

We stride towards fashion which enriches everyone involved in its process. Our workshop is located in the heart of Ukraine - Kyiv. Our technologist, tailors and seamstresses are highly-qualified professionals and they earn a decent wage for their work. We are a small sustainable business with workers who love their job and coming to our light and cozy office.

Order a dress in our atelier and it will be sewed individually for you according your exact measurements. Our supply = your demand and we hardly produce any waste.

This is how you want your perfect wedding gown to be made 🖤

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