Top 6 Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes

Top 6 Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes | StylishBrideAccs
The main dress in a girl's life has to be chosen wisely. But the choice is not as easy as it might seem. We will tell you how to avoid 6 key mistakes that you make while choosing the dress! 

1. Wrong size

Brides-to-be often choose smaller size mistakenly believing that it will make them look skinnier. But it usually has an opposite effect. Remember once and for all - a dress one size smaller will not make you look slimmer, on the contrary, it will emphasize your imperfections.

There is another extreme, when the bride buys a bigger size dress without any alterations. As a result, it looks baggy, the straps constantly fall off the shoulders, and the corset does not fit like a glove.

The best way to avoid these mistakes is to order a custom made dress. There are a lot of ateliers specializing in wedding dresses. Tailors in the atelier will sew the dress according your exact body measurements. You can find such ateliers online. 

2. Unfitting length

Floor length should be measured with shoes on. It is very important to decide whether you will be wearing heels or flats before measuring the length. 
Also, looking at some photos online people wrongly assume that a longer skirt will puddle on the floor nicely, but in real life excessively long skirt will make you stumble and tip-over. Moreover, if you have an outdoor venue your beautiful boho dress will get dirty really fast.
If you want your wedding gown to have a long train, consider adding a bustle or buying another dress for the evening. If you are planning to dance, the train will be stepped on all night long.

3. Poor quality of the fabric

 Quality of the material is one of the most important points in the wedding dress shopping. Do not take synthetics, even if it is cheaper. Choose only high quality fabrics: silk satin, cord lace, chiffon, tulle, soft crepe, sequin, glitter, Chantilly.

If you are ordering a dress online, feel free to request fabric swatches! Most online shops will happily send you swatches of their fabrics.

4. Uncomfortable dress

«Beauty's a cruel mistress» and «beauty is pain»… Forget these phrases! You should be comfortable, buy clothes that allow you move freely, dance and hug your guests. If something is bothering the bride, you can always see it in the photos, so take care of yourself.

5. Too expensive

Every bride wants an outfit from a famous designer, but not everyone really needs it. And you definitely shouldn't spend half of the budget on a dress. Yes, the wedding is only once in a lifetime, but please, keep it together!

If your dream dress is painfully overpriced because of the brand, you can always order a similar one in an online atelier. Moreover, you can request custom changes and create your own custom design!

6. Too cheap

The other extreme is falling into the low-cost trap, eventually it often leads to even bigger expanses! Don't compromise on quality, size and material. Choose wisely to look and feel your best on your big day!

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