Rustic Wedding 2020 | Wedding Trend by StylishBrideAccs

Rustic Wedding 2020 | Wedding Trend by StylishBrideAccs | StylishBrideAccs

Rustic weddings are still popular up to this day, thanks to their originality and simplicity. They make you return to the origins of life. The great thing about such weddings is that you don’t need any additional wedding attributes and decorations, because you already have everything at hand thanks to mother nature. Another reason why a lot of people prefer rustic weddings is because they are suitable for any time of the year. Your income and country of residence doesn’t matter either.

Let’s take a look at the creations of mother nature you can use to organize a rustic wedding. All of the following is at your disposal: apples and pumpkins, spruce branches, willow and mountain ash branches, cones and hay. Just a thought about this decor soothes the soul and warms your heart, as it reminds you of a carefree childhood.

But what about the bride and the groom? How should they dress to match their chosen style?

A rustic bride is supposed to look similar to a countrywoman. Instead of fluffy dresses with petticoats and corsets, she would rather wear white or cream dresses made of natural materials and fabrics.

Speaking of shoes, the bride should be wearing either graceful ballet shoes or comfortable sandals, but not heels.

As for accessories, they should be minimalist. A bouquet of wildflowers tied with twine and a wreath of wildflowers will be more than enough. Don’t even think about wearing massive jewelry, precious metals and gems. This will totally ruin your look and won’t correspond to the theme of the wedding. However, you can wear decorations made of wood, leather, feathers and other natural materials.

If you want to look bold and unusual, without going beyond the rustic style, then pay attention to flowing chiffon dresses, separates, lace dresses, leather boots and  belts.

Now let's say a few words about the groom’s outfit. To match the style of the rustic, the groom has to choose a white or checkered shirt. Pants have to be brown, made from a dense fabric. You can also wear a vest of the same color and fabric. 

Decor & Favors

For the decor of such a celebration, only natural materials are used. Handmade materials are also a possibility, but they should be simple. An arch for an outdoor ceremony is decorated with wildflowers, hay or pampas grass. Tables are decorated by flowerpots with fresh flowers.

You should not have problems with wedding favors, as they should be simple and distinctive, just like the whole wedding is. Home cooking dishes will come in handy.  Here are some of the dishes that are perfect for treating guests: pumpkin apple pie, pancakes with all kinds of fillings, roasted duck with apples, baked fish and homemade wine.

If you want your rustic wedding to be successful, make sure that everything is done with warmth and love, and then the guests will certainly appreciate it.



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