Disney Wedding: Princess Inspired Wedding Dress

Disney Wedding: Princess Inspired Wedding Dress | StylishBrideAccs

Didn’t we all dream of a perfect wedding dress with prince Charming when we were little girls? We are suggesting you a collection of princess inspired wedding dresses that will help you make your Disney wedding dream come true! Each gown is a modern take on classic inspiration from your favorite Disney Princesses.

The dress that you see above opens our lists, it is a perfect Fairytale gown shoted at a lavender field - perfect location for a Rustic Disney Wedding.

The first gown is inspired by Cinderella. Forget about the pumpkin carriage, you can dance in this magnificent shimmering glitter skirt all night long! This gown is perfect for those brides that are searching for that “something blue”.

Ariel princess inspired the designers to create this flattering mermaid style crepe skirt with 1 m long train and this statement sequin top that mimics fish scales.

Elsa would definitely approve this gentle dusty blue set. The veil with glitter stars completes the character perfectly.

Brave and warlike Princess Merida never dreamt of a wedding but she would definitely change her mind if she saw this gorgeous chainmail gown!

The next Aurora dress is inspired by Sleeping Beauty. She would wake up even without the kiss if she just saw this gown! Every lace piece is cut and sewed manually.

If Maleficent was a Princes this would probably be the dress that she would wear to her princess wedding!


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