Celebrate Your Curves: 7 Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Celebrate Your Curves: 7 Plus Size Wedding Dresses | StylishBrideAccs

Going to the bridal boutiques and not finding your size can be really frustrating. But this wedding atelier believes that any body shape is beautiful! All the dresses are available in YOUR size. This is individual sewing! Your wedding dress will be custom tailored according your exact body measurements, so it will definitely fit you perfectly!

We are offering you a list of wedding gowns that will celebrate your curves and enhance your beauty.

"ALBERTINE" lace and "SWAN" tulle skirt

If you are a plus size bride and if your wedding is not going to be the most traditional one, you should definitely check out this set. This one does justice to your figure! A-line skirt accentuates your waist and the horsehair edge makes the look dramatic, the lace top adds femininity to the look. The dress is available in white, ivory and black!


"Swan" & "Albertine" Dress

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"MERMAID" sequin dress and silk SLIP dress

This gorgeous dress will make you feel like a real princess on your special day. It is covered in sparkly sequins and beading. Delicate spaghetti straps and transparent sequin balloon sleeves - combining to create one seriously stunning gown.


"Mermaid" Dress

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"LAURA" glitter dress and silk SLIP dress

It is hard not to fall in love with this sparkly glitter dress. Do not deny yourself a pleasure of being the brightest one on your big day! In this dress you will definitely be catching glances. Structured silk slip dress will provide good amount of support and the light glitter overdress will make you look weightless and almost floating. Moreover, the slip dress can be worn as a fully standalone dress!


"Laura" Dress

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"MARY" lace bodysuit and "MAGIC OMBRE" skirt for the bride. 
"ALBERTINE" lace tops and "FAY" tulle skirts for the bridesmaids.

Matching dresses for you and your bridesmaids? Easy! In Stylishbrideaccs all items are sewed individually. Choose different designs and same colors for you and your best girlfriends and your bridal party will compliment your gown. Perfect 100% match is guaranteed!

"Mary" Bodysuit & "Magic Ombre" skirt

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"Albertine" top for bridesmaids

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"EMILY" lace top and "FAY" tulle skirt

Сlassics never go out of style! Few bright accents will add fresh coat of paint to a traditional white wedding dress. And do not be afraid to show some skin, what is the most important, do not neglect your comfort!

"Emily" Boho Dress with Low Open Back

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"ASTER" lace bodysuit

This figure flattering wedding lace bodysuit will satisfy every type of bride - whether she be classic, modern, boho or somewhere in between! Gentle nude silk hugs your body type just right. The bodysuit is sexy but sweet, it compliments any shape and body!

"Aster" Backless Bridal Bodysuit

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Do not limit yourself! We love our plus size customers. All items by Stylishbrideaccs are available for you! We will sew any of the dresses according your exact measurements and wishes to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit!

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